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CyberPassion actively encourage readers to share useful information with the world.

There must be something that you know better than others. Why to keep it upto yourself, let others know about the idea. Take it out, write a piece and mail the finished article to us. CyberPassion team will review it and post on the blog with your name as byline.

There are many benefits of writing articles on Cyberpassion,

1. As author’s info will be shown as byline, you can bring huge traffic to your blog through ours. And even if you share an idea with us, we’ll show appreciation to you in the article itself.

2. You can see your authorship information in Google search results like this,

authorship info

Authorship information can increase your social media reach that you can use to expand your own blog.

3. And the best part is that you can win attractive prizes like smartphones, iPods, trip to hill stations, and many more. Prizes are awarded to 3 authors every month.

Get share in income

Alternatively, you can also be in our editorial team by applying for authorship through our Facebook page or directly by dropping an e-mail at Being in our editorial team, you will get chunk of our revenue and will be co-owner of the blog. Your work will be to write high-quality articles on regular basis and promote site through your social networking accounts of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and others. Here is more info on joining CyberPassion Team.

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