IT job interview in India: Interview questions and preparation a candidate needs

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If you have just completed your engineering or IT diploma, first question comes to your mind is what types of questions are asked during an interview! Here are magical tips to overcome unexpected nervousness and confusing atmosphere. Asking random questions and creating confusing environment for candidates during the interview is common, but as an IT candidate you should understand technical importance of this process.

prepare for IT job interview in India

Basic concept of questions during the interviews

IT companies cannot recruit new candidates blindly unless they know that they have the best mind and talent in the industry.

Here are some tips to understand the nature of common questions that’re often asked in IT job interview in India:

  1. A bunch of inquiries to know how fast and quick your analytical ability is. Questions like what’s the color of your shoes, or why you haven’t wore a tie (despite having) are common ones to check awareness of a candidate.
  2. You might be good in your practical and academic performance, but your aptitude test provides brief information and description to create positive atmosphere in the organization; so the questions are based on such concept and theory.

The nature of questions is further divided into two parts: written and oral form. As far as the written is concerned, you must pay attention to your grammatical problems, writing structure and how well you can present an idea. While facing oral interview, you must be soft, slow and clear in your communication. There is no use of speaking fast if the interviewers do not understand your idea or the information you provide. The more soft and slow you are in your communication, the more satisfied and relaxed you will be during the interview.

Confusing Questions

During recruitment process in Indian IT companies, candidates are also faced with unexpected questions which they did not read anywhere. Do not get angry, see around you and show any signs of uneasiness as the purpose of confusing questions is to see your humorous point of view. Do not get furious and try to make them smile with your answer as it can get you some positive points. But, here you have to use your own instinct and insight to answer because some confusing questions also require seriousness on the spot.

Important aspects to cover for interviews

In job interviews in India, there are some questions you cannot think about with the help of your talent and insight unless you do some research or get information from different sources.

Know your employer

Get as much information about the organization as possible because all companies ask you why you want to join them. Be familiar with working environment, business and theological aspects of the organization. Get some information about market value and its performance. Study about its success story and the challenges if faced since the advent of establishment. You should make them feel that you are really interested in working with them.

What you can offer?

The role you are applying for is also of great importance. Most of the IT candidates do not know about their roles that is why they are not able to convince the organization that the candidate will perform well. Each role in the organization requires some practical and theoretical responsibility, the more you know about your role, the better you will convey your idea.

Skills you have?

IT Companies also ask about the candidates. Here they do not mean simple information like your name and family background. You are supposed to provide information about your web/software projects, positions you occupied, challenges you faced and how you succeeded. Information about you should be on your fingertips. During your interview process, you are supposed to make a balance between the job you are interested in and your qualification and performance.

Technical knowledge

As you’re applying in an IT company, you must be sound in technical knowledge. Usually not many technical questions are fired at candidates during interviews but it doesn’t mean you should not prepare for it. The interview panel does include guys from technical field, so you must be ready for it. In technical, basic but confusing questions are asked.

Simple, clear and straight

Last important point you should keep in mind is the interview timeline and how many rounds are there. You should prepare according to the round and timeline. Your answers should not be too lengthy and unfruitful. Simple, clear and informative answers in positive manners always work wonders. Be confident that you are the one for the job and prove your talent and skills.

Practice hard for interviews

Also remember, you cannot make yourself prepared and master overnight or in just one interview. I would like to suggest you that before applying with the organization you want to join, also apply with other companies just to boost your confidence level and overcome tense environment of the interview.

Hope this blog would’ve helped you. If there is something more from your side, please post in comments and we’ll add to our blog. Cheers!

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