Is Logout Compulsory in Websites

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We are addicted to social networking sites so it isn’t surprising to see people missing to logout Facebook and forget pressing twitter’s logout button. For years, most people haven’t logged out of websites like Facebook and twitter yet they are safe and secure. For such individuals logout button seems a useless addition to websites, Isn’t it?

Is logout really compulsory in websites? If not then why internet security professionals punctures our internet experience citing the importance of website logout every other day.

The headache of logout is entirely dependent on the website and computer you’re operating on.

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter then you can easily loose control over your account. Such sites stores username and passwords in encrypted form(cookies) till a user logout of his account. This encrytpted data, though not human readable can direct anybody to your account whenever the same site is opened on that particular system. However, that’s not dangerous at all if you’re operating on your personal computer. Just make sure the PC is not infected and no third person has physical access to it. But it’s better to logout and live secure than losing your hair seeing someone else controlling your account.

If you’re an internet savvy doing all sorts of stuff online like online transaction, administrating websites, managing accounts and similar business related works than you must be addictive to logging out. If a hacker, criminal gets your password to financial holdings then you’re life saving can be endangered to leave you in revere. Just like a brisk stroke of cigerettes in a minute or two you should logon whenever required. Remember, it takes just a few minutes to malign reputation, zero your financial mark and destroy your business.

So by now you must be considering me as an intruder to your peaceful life. But no, these are hard facts that you should always keep in mind while putting your business online. I just care of logging out of my online banking and website accounts, don’t bother logging out of Facebook till I’d done some kinky talks to some unknown and don’t want my girlfriend to know about it.

If you frequently use public computers like cyber cafe’s better try and find a way to remind you of logging out of websites. It’s not advisable to use such public computers that might have keyloggers installed to fetch your username, passwords and other confidential data. However if can’t constrain yourself from cyber cafes then opt for the most trusty and reputable ones. Before opening your social networking account make sure that no keyloggers are installed and most importantly don’t forget to hit the logout/signout button before moving out.

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