Indian schools opting for iPad, uncertain future of Aakash tablet?

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Many public schools in India had directed parents to buy Rs 40,000 priced Apple iPad to help students in their studies. This idea might sound great but this has also raised question marks over the credentials of Aakash tablet, the cheapest tablet computer developed by India.

Datawind, in collaboration with the students of IIT Rajasthan developed the Aakash tablet. The tablet is designed mainly for students, with configuration more than enough for school going students and appropriate for most college students.

Moreover, Government has subsidized the tablet by 50% and it now costs just Rs 1500-1700 for students. Its 256 RAM and 366Mhz processor isn’t that great but enough for students who seldom runs heavy softwares. Working on Aakash tablet would be problematic only when multiple softwares, consuming more than 180-200Mb in run on it.

The future of Aakash tablet seems uncertain when such public schools prefer iPads than the country-owned Aakash tablet. Its disheartening to see such an attitude of the countrymen towards their own product.

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