Increasing Usage Of Social Networking Sites Are Becoming Serious Menace For Companies Security!

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True, as we are seeing how people are using social networking sites day by day for their various usages. Though somehow it is really beneficially, but along with advantage it also causes some disadvantages as well. According to a survey, while using social media sites in offices by employees, like Facebook, Twitter, Xing, and LinkedIn and so on, there are many viruses and malware which attack the organizations thus it can be considered as a security risk.

This survey has conducted by the Ponemom Institute which is a great research institute, it has checked this issue with around 4,640 companies and an astonishing result has come up. This result has cleared this statement is really true as half of the companies has experienced same attack over their computers and they have found it due to the usage of social sites by their employees.

As we know the crucial role of the social site in today’s era and for most of the organizations, it is quite impossible to perform in sound way without using these social media sites. Moreover, many companies have encountered with this fact that they are not well equipped to face the security risks.

It has cleared by Security Company Websense Inc. that these viruses and malwares use very simple way to fascinate victims. So, only companies need to be alert.

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