Increase Facebook friends: Proven ways that really works!

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Having more than 500 friends is like being a superstar on web. People does different things to increase Facebook friends. Some work while some doesn’t.

Here we provide some proven ways to increase Facebook friends,

Send friend request to all your real life friends

The very first thing to do after arriving on Facebook is to add all your family members to your friend list. Next, find your real life friends and send friend-request to all of them.

Its better to befriend with old friends rather than sending requests to unknowns with whom you rarely communicate.

Use Facebook search and services like Friend finder

search friends and send friend request to increase facebook friends-4

If you’re interested in finding friends, real life one or virtual one then you should use the built-in search function of Facebook. Or you can also use services like Friend finder to get help from your existing friends in suggesting some new friends to you.

Post interesting updates. Initiate and vote in polls

engage people in polls to get more facebook friends

Engage more and more people with stuff like polls and ‘comment-prompting’ updates. Posting one on the existing corruption and poor administration is a great idea. Asking for views on ongoing cricket or football matches are some catchy stuff that can involve more and more people.

Posting such content will make people know about you and some might send you friend requests. A viral post could bring lot of friend request to you.

Send email invitations

send email invitation to increase Facebook friends-3

You must have got hundreds of friends with your Gmail and Yahoo id. Send them invitations to add you as friend on Facebook to start exchanging ideas.

Its a bit gruesome task to send invitations to all your friends but this is worth trying as it can increase your Facebook friends by many folds.

Ask everyone who went to school or share common interest

This is an innovative idea wherein you can create a poll and ask people where they belong. Or you can ask something to find people sharing common interest as you. People tend to send and accept friend request of people who lives nearby or who share common interest.

Send your profile link to everyone

send facebook link to get more facebook friends-6

Marketing your profile is one great way of catching more and more friends. You send mails, exchange cards with people. Why don’t you include your Facebook url in it and start getting more and more friends.

Send friend requests to friends of friends

Your friend request can easily be refused by people who you don”t know. But you can send request to someone who’s friend of your existing (close) friend. In such a case, your friend request will be accepted.

Make apps

put facebook link to app for increasing facebook friends-5

If you’re a app developer, you can easily increase Facebook friend of yours by making apps.

People often use apps and services, and you can put up your link there on each and every app. If you’re wondering why someone would send you friend request then you should keep in mind that not everyone makes a Facebook app. By making apps you could be friends of thousands.

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