11 Killer Tips to Increase CPC of Adsense Ads

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Low CPC value can considerably reduce your income. I’ve faced this in the past, but there are ways to increase it. Yes, with little tweaks and clever tips, you can increase CPC of the AdSense ads appearing on your website.

Here are 11 of those best tips that’ll boost your income by a big margin,

Tip 1: Place your Best Performing Ad to the Top

Best CPC ads are displayed at the top of the page, and its value starts decreasing as we move from top to bottom and from left to right.

Why it’s so, Huh? Here is why: Before displaying an ad, Google analyses the webpage, matches it with the keywords, and display top-paying ads starting from top to bottom. So an ad placed to the top-left side of the page would have the highest CPC and the one placed at absolute bottom-right would have the lowest.

Tip 2: Enable Both Text and Image Ads

When creating AdSense ads, make sure you enable both text as well as image ads. By doing this, you increase the range of ads to appear on your site. Since Google always show high CPC ads relevant to the content, if an image ad isn’t available then it’d show high CPC text ad. So you always have a alternative ad when one ad-type is not present. It’s been observed that, income nearly doubles when both text and image ads are enabled.

Tips 3: Don’t Block any Ad

In AdSense account, don’t block any specific ad or disable any category. Some people block ads from competitors and sections like apparel (showing ads of lingerie) which can significantly cut down their income. Such ads usually carry high CPCs and disabling them could spoil your plan of attaining better revenue with increased CPC.

Tip 4: Pick a Competitive Niche for Better Ads

Since Google show ads matching content of the page, it’s important to write on topics that has more competition and possess higher CPC. Some of the fields where competition is higher are Insurance, Banking, e-Commerce, Health, Technology, Travel, and Beauty.

Tip 5: Write Fresh and Unique Content

The better your content is, better will be Google’s response. Fresh, simple, easy to read, high quality content in proper English gets receives better ads being more understandable to Google’s automated system that analyses content and delivers ad matching to it.

Tip 6: Pick High CPC Keywords For Website Content

Use Google AdWords and search for keywords which have more competition and have a higher bidding value. By including such keywords and writing content around them you can invite high CPC ads.

use high cpc keywords for increased cpc

Read our post on searching high CPC keyword using Google AdWords.

Tip 7: Write Lengthier Posts

By writing longer posts, you advertently cover more keywords, and hence you’re inviting high CPC ads from a bigger pool of keywords.

Tip 8: Ensure Website Gets Regular Traffic

regular traffic to website to increase adsense cpc

Though small but make sure visitors are coming to your site regularly. It’s an indication of what website reputation is, and Google does take a note of it while delivering ads.

So if your website is getting regular visits, more pageviews and bounce rate is low then you’re most likely to get ads of better CPC from Google.

Tip 9: Increase Website Pagerank

Pagerank is how well your website is connected to other websites in your niche. It has a direct relation with the reputation of website. Good content is linked by more website than a poor one. Google does count it big time, both in search results as well as deciding ads to show on a website.

Building Pagerank is a slow process, but it’s possible by writing good articles that other writers may find useful and give a backlinks(credit) to, and by sharing it to different social media sites and bookmarking sites like Slashdot and Digg.

Tip 10: Check Website Traffic Sources

In entire Asia, CPC for ads are lower than western countries, simply because here the competition in online marketing is lower. Hence, ads don’t carry more CPC here. So it’s always good to target audience from western countries as much as you can.

Tip 11: Prefer Best Ad Units

Being the most common size, the 336×280, 300×250 rectangle and 728×90 leaderboard ads are generally most competitive and hence have more CPC. Make sure you place one of these three in the upper half of the page.

300×600 large skyscraper is also of high value, but being new it has low competition. It invites huge number of clicks as per recent release by Google.

Why Increasing CPC is Important?

Total income through AdSense is a multiplication of 2 things – number of clicks and the value of ad. If an ad appearing on website is worth $0.1 (its CPC), and it gets 10 clicks then your total income would be 1$ or 64 rupees approximately.

mutiply clicks with cpc for total adsense income

Now if you increase CPC of ads by employing the above mentioned tweaks, you could get upto 2-3$ per click which can push your income to 20 dollars(2×10) or 1300rupees which isn’t bad.

Understand CPC, AdWords and AdSense Better

CPC is ‘Cost Per Click’, is the money you earn when an ad on your website is clicked. It’s paid by Google directly to your AdSense account.

On every click, you get something but everytime the amount isn’t the same. This is because all ads don’t carry the same value; some can be as low as 0.01$ while some could be of 2-3 dollars or more. Let’s understand why these ads have variable CPCs,

Google has 2 services – AdWords and AdSense. Lets assume there is an apparel company ‘APC’ and a blogger ‘BGR’.

‘APC’ announces 20% discount on all its apparels. For maximum reach, it uses Google AdWords for marketing, and decides to spend Rs 200 per day for 20 days. Google will now do the marketing on behalf of the company through publishers affiliated to its Google AdSense service.

‘BGR’ has an Adsense account. He writes on style and beauty. Since, the niche of blog and the firm is similar, Google may display APC’s ad on BGR’s. And when the ad is checked by a vistor on the website, publisher BGR gets the money and APC’s daily budget is chunked a bit. Google takes its service-charge and everybody gets happy.

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