Increase Adsense Income of Website by placing Google Adsense Code correctly

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Making money from website seems adventurous and a bit non-practical initially but when you’ll read the success stories of professional bloggers you’d fancy having a website and making money from it. A website makes money from the ads it displays and services that it offers. If you own a website, now it’s the time to think seriously about placing Google Adsense code correctly to increase income. Trust me, if you find the best place to add Adsense code in a website you may generate quite better revenue rather than a rigorously placed add. If you’ve a fresh website then the task is quite easier but if the site is old then you may face some difficulties replacing and relocating the AdSense ads. Here are some tips to place Adsense code in a website to increase income.

Tip 1

The three best places to place Adsense ads in a website are, in header section i.e top of content,

place ad in the website header for better adsense income


top of the sidebar,rectangle ads on right side of website can increase adsense income


and within the left-side content,

adsense ad within the content can increase adsense income from website

These are the locations where a visitor always notices the ad. Actually, you can place your ads anywhere else but you should have a solid base behind it. And still you have the option to relocate the ad if Adsense ad revenue is less that your expectations. Don’t let you website look weird in quest of better income through AdSense, AdBrite and others.

Tip 2

Consider the size of your ads. On Google forums and blogs you will find the best revenue generating sizes to increase Adsense income. Here are given some of them:

  1. 336×280 (Size) large rectangle
  2. 300×250 (Size) inline rectangle
  3. 160×600 (Size) wide skyscraper
  4. 460x15_4 (Size) text only

I got the best results using first one (large rectangle) size and third one (Skyscraper), however, 728 size also worked well for me. Fourth one is much of a menu like stuff and visitors often click them considering a link to a page in the website. In fact, the size depends on the look and design of you site. Believe me; a well sized ad may increase Adsense income.


If you have a fresh site or a recently designed layout then you should utilize each location by putting different channels on it for some times. When you know visitors tendency, i.e. which location is generating most revenue you can then find correct place to add Adsense code in a website.

Tip 4

Color also plays an important role in Adsense revenue generation. While placing the ads on your website keep the hyperlinks high contrasted, i.e. bold and dark red/blue. Also keep the title with the same color you are using for hyperlinks.


If you are placing the ads in forums then put them around the first thread in your forum, i.e. you can place it just above or just below the thread.


Look no further, Google can give you the best tips to increase AdSense income. On Adsense forums and blogs you will get quite helpful directions regarding correct Adsense add code placement. Here you will get step by step ways along with heat maps that will lead you to find the most optimal place to publish the ads.

From Google (ads), by Google (tips), for Google (income); Earth is round, rightly said! Keep these tips in mind and explore the best spot to place Adsense add for better revenue.

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