How to improve wifi signal reception on laptop at home, schools and colleges

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With the advent of Wifi, connecting to internet at home, school and colleges has gone easier. But the Wifi installed at such places usually have a poor signal strength that results in gruesome web experience for netizens. So, its important to employ right practices to catch better signals.

Antenna placement for better WIFI reception

Laptops come with an inbuilt antenna to catch wifi signals. These antennas are not good in reception when signal strength goes down. So it’s better to get an external antenna and connect to your laptop.

To further boost wifi signal reception, connect an external adapter to the antenna. Most laptops support external antennas, but check the laptop manual or consult the dealer before doing this.

Apart from this, placing antenna at correct position is pivotal. Following are some best practices for antenna placement for better wifi reception,

  1. Antenna must be put at some altitude. It could be on a high shelf, balcony or on the roof. Placing it on roof, or any other open area is the best option for better wifi signal reception.
  2. Also it must be placed at places where signals converge. Some good places where wifi signal strength is better are at the centre of your house/room and at the corners.
  3. Keep antenna away from mobile phones, television, microwaves and other electronic devices as they interfere with wifi signals and make them weaker.
  4. Place antenna away from wires and metallic items like window panes, kitchen utensils, power cords, computer cords etc. These things can deviate the signals.
  5. To boost wifi reception on laptop, keep correct angle for antenna to catch maximum signals. There shouldn’t be any hindrance from walls, and it must be placed away from your neighbour’s WI-FI router.
  6. Take furnitures and mirrors away from the line of antenna signals. It’s better to place them along the walls. Wooden furnitures and other small things deviate WI-FI signals.

Tweaks to improve WIFI reception on laptop

After employing the above mentioned practices, the wifi reception on your laptop should be up by 20%. To increase it more, there are some tweaks that you can execute. These tweaks include making reflectors and cheap repeaters using Aluminium foil and beer can.

Lets discuss more in detail –

  1. Use reflectors to converge signals onto the wifi antenna. A simple reflector can be made with aluminium foil rolled in the shape of a funnel, this funnel can be then put over the antenna to boost wifi signal reception. Beer cans, cylindrical kitchen utensils can also be used as reflectors. This is a proven technique that improves wifi reception on laptop by multiple times. Here is a video that shows how this tweak amplifies WI-FI signal strength,

  2. Update wifi drivers, and install softwares to boost power of your wifi antenna like TCP Optimizer, for improved reception. Also, there are softwares that helps in detecting locations with powerful signals.
  3. Purchasing repeater is a good idea as it boost wifi signal between your device and the router.
  4. Upgrading wireless standard from 802.1b or 802.1g to Wireless G or Wireless N is also a fine option to achieve better wifi signals.

Faster computer for faster internet

Always keep your computer in good shape, malware free and fast. If computer is slow, internet connectivity would also appear as slow.

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