Import emails and contacts from Hotmail, Yahoo, Webmail to Gmail

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Gmail is a feature rich email service by Google. But if you’ve realized this late and now want to move on to Gmail from your old Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediffmail, AOL or any other webmail account then read on as we’ll tell you about swiftly importing all emails and contacts from your older email account to Gmail.

You can also import mails and contact from your business id like team@yourravi to Gmail in easy steps.

This is possible due to one great feature provided by Gmail.

Stepwise Instructions

1. Go to Gmail settings clicking the screw icon on top-left.

transfer emails and contacts from aol, rediffmail, hotmail, yahoo to gmail-1

2. Click ‘Import mail and contacts’ under ‘Accounts and Import’ tab.

transfer emails and contacts from aol, rediffmail, hotmail, yahoo to gmail-2

3. This will open up an incognitio window. Enter your Yahoo/Hotmail/AOL or any webmail email id. Press ‘continue’.

import contacts and emails from yahoo to gmail

4. Next enter the password for the account. One thing to note here is that Google sometimes fail to get the POP server for the entered email id. This happens more with less reputed email service providers. In such condition, you need to manually configure it by entering the address of POP server and port number.

import emails and contacts from yahoo, aol, webmail to gmail-4

5. Select what you want to export. Click ‘Start Import’ to start importing emails, contacts, labels etc.

transfer emails and contacts from aol, rediffmail, hotmail, yahoo to gmail-6

6. All your emails and contacts would start transferring to Gmail. This entire process may take from a few hours upto 2 days depending on the size of data to be transferred.

import emails and contacts from aol, rediffmail, hotmail, yahoo to gmail-7

7. All done. Check your mail after few hours. It should show the imported mails in the Gmail inbox.

This feature is not available to Google Apps users. Also, contacts and emails can’t be imported from one Gmail account to another. You can however forward mails from one Gmail account to another so that you get them where you want.

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