Image tagging is limited in Facebook

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Tagging friends to an image in Facebook is a great way of connecting with them.

Last night as I was tagging my friends to an image, I was stuck with a message alerting me of exhausting the maximum number of tags allowed for an image.

facebook tagging limited to 50 users

Image tagging in Facebook is limited to 50 users only.

This limitation is to prevent spamming as hundreds of tags would notify all those users whenever a ‘like’ or a ‘comment’ is done on the image. To tag more people, existing tags must be removed.

The alternate way of increasing reach of an shared images could be,

  1. Uploading the same image multiple times with tags to new friends.
  2. Another way is to share image in a group. Groups can have hundreds of members and an image shared will be notified to all of them. This is the best way of replicating the functionality of tagging.
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