Ideas to design cover image for your Facebook timeline profile

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Facebook timeline also allows you to add a cover image to better present yourself to netizens.

If you’re in a fix and can’t decide a perfect cover image for yourself then continue reading as we’ll gonna tell you some cool ideas for designing a cover for timeline profile.

Idea 1: Write on cool tagline, proverb or saying

Nothing could get easier than this! Just get a simple background color or any image and etch a catchy phrase on it. A tagline of your own, or a catchphrases taken-off a celebrity can feature in your timeline’s cover.

Actually, most people don’t like gazing at images with bulky designs and swirls. So, its better keep it simple, yet attractive with some text data only.

The best part of such an idea is that it doesn’t takes time in creation and you can change it every day or week.

Here is one such amazing cover image for Facebook profile of Jorgen Broms

amazing idea for designing cover image for facebook timeline

Some good tagline could be ‘Einstein had 3.5kg, I’ve got 90% more’ or ‘Gone missing since Munni got badnammm!’ or ‘Boyfriend without credit card = useless’.

Idea 2: Funky image

As we famously say, ‘Images are more powerful than words’.

This idea needs a little bit of effort, but its worth to give a try. Funky image of yourself with some photoshop work can really give you a masterpiece.

Check what Holman Mesa came out with.

cover image for facebook idea by holman mesa

And check what Rudolf Nobre is trying to convey.

creative idea by ruofo to design cover image for facebook

Idea 3: Creativity at its best

Ideas that turns practical is called as creativity. And Creativity catches attention.

So there is no reason why you shouldn’t be putting slightly more effort in making a creative cover image for your timeline.

You can use Photographic effects using Photoshop, or online tools like Picnic in your images to make it visually appealing.

Check out this amazing idea by Richard Karstrom.

cover image for facebook creative idea of richard karstrom

And probably the most catchy of all, here is Andrew Grojean’s cover image. This man has put a snapshot of older Facebook profile in pace of cover image.

great idea to design cover image for facebook timeline profile

Before designing, make sure you don’t violate any Facebook terms. You can check more this in our blog on Guidelines for choosing cover image for Timeline profile.

And before moving on, why don’t you check cover-image of mine. Not to deny, its inspired from Andrew Grojean’s cover image.

cover image of Ravi Sharma

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