How to write SEOed title and meta keyword information for a blog

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The performance of a blog on Google primarily depends on the SEO. A blog should carry information likable to both users and search engines. A blog must be containing good content for readers to enjoy and SEO to ensure search engine correctly analyze what the blog is trying to convey. Let’s understand this in a bit detailed manner,

Title, meta keywords and blog content are responsible for the SEO.

Title should be the best possible extract with words arranged in descending keyword priority. Check two blog titles given below,

  1. Tips to make a blog SEOed with good title and meta keyword
  2. How to write SEOed title and meta keyword information for a blog

You can see that both convey the same meaning but second one would perform better. Hre we have the keywords – ‘SEO’, ‘title’, ‘meta’, ‘keyword’ and keyphrase – ‘How to write SEOed title’, ‘write SEOed title’, ‘meta keyword information’ has descending and proper keyword priority. In our blog, ‘SEO’ is occurring more than ‘title’ which is occurring more than ‘meta’ and ‘keyword’. Also they are more human readable, appear more collectively and describes the content accurately. Most people can say this difference as marginal, but it could be a deciding factor among two neck to neck blogs. It’s important to note that the title must be limited to 70 characters as search engine rips off the extra chars while applying the algorithm.

The second part of blog SEO is the meta keyword. Search engines allow a maximum of 10 keywords to describe the blog content. Keywords should be repeatedly used throughout the blog, in a rough measure they should be repeated 2-3 times per 100 words or 2-3%. Larger is better. Keywords are arranged in descending order of density i.e most appearing keywords must be at the beginning of the meta keyword information while lesser ones should be towards the end portion. Keyword prominence in meta keyword information is from left to right. Title of the blogs must hold some keywords too.

Here is an example of good title and meta description,

title, meta keyword and content for making SEOed content

Content is most important; it should be fresh and informative. Content should solely be written for the readers and keywords should be added whenever possible without any significant impact on the meaning and flow of reading. Most traffic generating keywords should occur at the top of the blog, priority decreases as we move from left to right and top to bottom in a webpage. Content quality must not be compromised for SEO as excessive SEO can make the blog weird and is non-likable to readers and search engines.

Meta description was previously considered by Google and other search engines, since 2009 they have stopped considering them in search algorithm. However it could still be used for making good excerpts for blogs that appear in search engine results. Since this is a basic tutorial we haven’t considered pagerank, images, internal linking in our discussion.

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