How to use signing in to Chrome feature by Google

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Google is adding new features to its Chrome browser, and one such addition is the Signing in to Chrome feature.

With this new feature, a user can retrieve all his Chrome data like browser history, bookmarks, apps and extensions on any computer in the world.

Lets understand this in detail,

Once a user sign in to Chrome, Google starts storing all his Chrome data to its database and connects it with his Google account. So, a url visited, a link bookmarked or an app used, all goes into Google’s centralized database that’s accessible from anywhere in the world just like other Google services.

Next time when a user signs in to Chrome, either on the same computer or on another computer, he sees the same old history, apps, bookmarks and other Chrome data.

For using Signing in to Chrome feature,

  1. Click wrench icon on top-right of the chrome browser. Once you see a list, click on the ‘Sign in to Chrome’ option.

    click wrench icon to to sign in to chrome

  2. Enter your Google account details, and you’re done.

    You have signed in to Chrome and all your data would start to save in the Google’s database.

    enter google details to sign in to chrome

This feature is most useful when someone loses or breaks his computer. Everything can be retrieved on any Chrome browser, from anywhere in the  world just by signing in to Chrome.

If a user want, he can also delete the saved data by visiting Google Dashboard.

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