How to stop fans from unliking Facebook page

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Once a brand on Facebook has several thousands fans, they start pouring tonnes of marketing posts, which are all visible to fans. Such an activity can force a fan of a Facebook page to sway away by unliking it.

How to stop them?

Being a page owner, there must be the right approach to deal with fans and prevent them from unliking the page. Here are some simple rules to prevent fan’s unlike,

No low quality content: Even the most reliable fan can unlike a Facebook page if it’s full of unworthy content. Before posting, one must ask if the content is worth reading and whether be liked by fans. If yes, post it otherwise improve it further. Content posted on a page must be of high quality, fresh and informative. Retaining old fans is as important as gaining new ones.

Keep your page interesting: Post content, links and questions on absorbing topics. Also choose a topic that’s of common interest for most fans. If you own a tech blog, then post stuff on Google, Facebook, tablets and PC’s rather than less-catchy ones.

No Overposting: Frequent posting of content is another big reason that can compel a fan to unlike a Facebook page. Usually, most brands and bloggers go crazy and sends out tens of updates and promotional stuff on their page that leave no option for a fan but to leave it by pressing unlike button. Getting fans is lot easier than keeping them, so post less but post good.

Post less, but with a purpose: Know what fans expect from your page? If your posts are getting good response then post frequently; if not, then slow-up your pace and search for content that’ll prompt users to comment and reshare. There is nothing wrong in asking your fans of what they really expect from you.

No Awry Stuff: A chauffeur can’t pilot an aircraft. Similarly, a Facebook page should not publish content unrelated to it. A fan likes a page because he finds it interesting and shares a common interest, thus it’s the responsibility of page admin to serve best possible stuff related to the field. If the content goes awry, fans would get awry and unlike the page.

No repetition of posts: Repeating the same content again and again makes a page uninteresting and fans start to lose interest in it. Notably, posting repeated stuff has 2 big disadvantage: one it increases the chances of fans unliking the page and the other one is that Facebook strictly prohibits posting of repetitive content, and if their automated system finds such an activity, the page can be banned permanently.

Ask questions/polls: You Facebook page shouldn’t be all about you and your business. So try and find ways to engage your fans with your page. A good way is to ask questions on trending topics, related to your field. Other good option is start poll, post videos and other similar stuff.

Did I missed something? If you’ve some good point(s), post in comments, we’ll add them and improve the content.

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