How to start blogging successfully

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I’d been blogging for the past 5 months and still trying to stabilize my foot in the field. In the meanwhile, I learnt a few things most of which came the harder way.

From my personal observation, here are few points that can help budding bloggers in starting a blog and making it successful,

1. Take decision: Be clear headed

Decide if you really start with blogging. Beware of the fact that if you’re doing job then your timing would take a hit. You’ll find it difficult to take out time for writing blog posts. be clear headed while starting a blogAnd, if you can leave job to become a professional blogger then be ready for initial days of struggle.

Blogging won’t serve you as soon as you start. Every new blog takes time in catching traffic, and won’t perform good in search engines until its indexed to Google’s database and get sufficient amount of back links from other websites. All these things would time, at least 1-2 months.

As soon as Google starts showing up your links in search results, things would improve, but significant changes would come only when you exert yourself completely into your work and write unique, interesting content on good topics after thorough research. Also, good writing style would make your blog stand out among thousand others in the same niche.

Think carefully before taking your decision.

2. Choose a platform: Blogspot, Tubmlr, WordPress, Drupal or Joomla

blogging platform to choose before start blogging

Next step is to choose a CMS for your blog. You can go for Google’s Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr or Drupal. Every CMS has its merits and demerits. Blogspot and Tumblr are free but you’ll get a sub-domain type url like or Tumblr comes with lot more features and better option for theme customization.

But a professional blog must look like rather than So, you must buy a domain and hosting. Domain is the website name while hosting is the space on server where entire website would be placed. You might need a techie to assist you in setting up blog with WordPress and Drupal. For WordPress, you can follow our step-by-step installation tutorial.

Buying a domain and hosting for your blog can churn upto INR 2500 or more.

3. Start writing: Select niche, be natural in writing

Writing posts is the ultimate thing. First, choose your niche, preferred writing style and the way you want to present it to your readers.quality content of posts is important in success of blog

Blogging is about expressing your mind to readers so you can choose any niche you want. But it must have good readerbase otherwise it could fail to catch traffic no matter what you write or how good you write.

In technology, you can write only on social networking sites, computers, hardwares, tips and tricks, how tos or on all of them. You can also write on fields like relationships, travelling expeditions, legal relations, politics and many others.

Write on topics that you want to write on. You just can’t pick any technology-related topic if you’ve never been a tech enthusiast, or a political blog if you aren’t interested in politics. Its the same like driving a jet on an LMV license.

You can give your best shot only if you have a good understanding of those topics. Readers perceive the author as knowledgeable and more often than not trust the content written by him. So its always a better idea to write what you know and understand rather than something you have little or no idea about.

4. Right Approach: Readers first, Money second

Blogging isn’t like just an another day in office wherein you can pass the entire day talking with colleagues, without doing much.

To be successful in blogging, make sure you have the desire to impart knowledge. The content should be useful, simple and easy to read and understand for a layman as well as a geek. They should be problem-solving, useful and interesting to read. They should tempt readers to post comments and express their views.

New posts must be published at regular intervals. It should offer such stuff that readers desire to visit it again and again.

5. Be confident: Mistakes happen, keep improving

There will be days without comments, lesser pageviews and everything bad to dent your confidence. But you shouldn’t stop considering failure as the ultimate fate. Once you’ve decided to get on with blogging then don’t stop whatever happens. don't bog down in failuresIts important to keep in mind that blogging isn’t like a lottery rather its like a crop that takes time to develop.

There can be days when you bang head into wall as you can’t find a topic to a post while some other days you have those in surplus.

Mistakes are part of blog, you’ll commit them too. Some reader might slam you for poor content, bad writing and other big and small stuff. Take these things to only encourage you to write better next time. Its always a better idea to read reputed blogs to understand what’s lacking in your writing and how to do better.

Life is hard, so does blogging.

6. Give best of your ability: Success awaiting

Like any other job, blogging ask you for enthusiasm and loyal effort.

You should search topics, add new and unique ideas in your posts. tips to start blogging successfullyFor some people, ideas come naturally while some find it really hard to get. It all depends on how one thinks. But the ultimate thing is to bring something that people love to know and read.

Effort behind a blog is always showed in its posted content. A good blog would compel new visitors to like your page on Facebook, follow on Twitter and subscribe to get notifications of the new posts.

7. Be ready to try different things

You need to find different ways for drawing traffic and marketing of blogs. Also, for improving SEO and gaining more backlink, you need to find the right approach. Some ways might work at one time and fail in another. So, be prepared to switch your mind to get what’s best for your blog.

If one method is not working, change to another without giving a second thought. If you’re not happy with writing style, change it a bit. If blogs are not performing well then check for better topics and work hard on SEO. And if, Facebook fans aren’t coming then look for better strategy to get likes or hire a marketing firm to do the same.

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