How to search by image in Google to get identical images

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Google rolled out ‘search by image’ feature that will allow users to search for identical images directly by dragging and dropping an image onto the Google search bar.

Here are four most thirsty topics on the latest addition by Google,

  1. How to use Google search by image feature
  2. How to refine search results
  3. Image search results from Google
  4. Use of Google search by image

Goto Now you can use Google ‘search by image’ service in any one of the 4 ways,

  1. Drag an image from your system onto the Google search box.
    google image search by drag and drop
  2. Or, Upload image to Google (click camera icon).
  3. Or, Search using image URL (click camera icon).
    Upload images to google or by provding url
  4. Or, Use Google Chrome or Mozilla extension. After installing you would see ‘search by image’ option when you right-click on any image. This is the fastest and the recommended way of Google search using image.
    Google image search in chome and mozilla with extensions

Once you search an image in Google, you can see a list of images identical to it. Now you can refine it by adding some description in the Google search box. Here is how you can do it,

add description in google image search

Add description in google image search to refine results

Google would provide you with a list of matching images and other options to juggle with. Some of them are,

  1. Visually similar images based on look, color, contrast and size.
  2. Option to search image of other sizes, if such a match is found.
  3. Best image guess. Link to parent image in case a cropped image is searched.
  4. Webpages that include the matching images.

From the very beginning you must be wondering about the exact use of Google ‘search by image’ feature. So lets check some of the most important ones,

  1. Better Search – People sometimes want to search images of certain types, sizes, gestures or even image quality – contrast, blur, polarized etc. Now, Google ‘search by image’ service helps them in searching for identical images those can’t be described in text queries.
  2. Plagiarism – This latest feature in Google image search helps people in tracking use of their copyrighted images to prevent any unauthorized use. It’s very useful to webmasters, graphics and website developers.
  3. Avoiding Redundancy in Work  – It help graphic/website developers in searching for identical images/templates to what they are working on. Nobody likes to work on something that’s already on the web.
  4. Better Competition – It helps bloggers and business houses in developing higher quality graphics to what’s their competitors already have.
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