How to repair corrupt AVI videos

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AVI is one of the best video compression format. It only takes a little damage to corrupt an AVI movie. Just a missing bit can ruin your movie experience, and suddenly you may find the picture breaks up at one point, or maybe the video will no longer play at all.

Today I’ll tell you about a simple solution called DivXRepair that will do all repair works regarding AVI files broken due to some missing bits or bad file sectors.

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DivXRepair is a compact portable tool. There’s no need to worry about keyframes or other technicalities – the program will scan your video, skip any bad frames, and try to save everything else in a “fixed” version of the movie (the original will remain untouched).

Will it work? To know this I tried to mimic video files as damaged ones by removing data indexes to zeros and also tried with some bad broken AVI videos that I was having. And finally DivXRepair lived to its name and removed broken sectors and I was left with good AVI files that can be played


1.Download DivXRepair.(only 425KB)

2.Launch DivXRepair by double click to exe file.

3.Add one or more AVI files in the list using the Add File.

4.Click on Repair files

If undecodable and/or freezing frames are found, DivXRepair will cut off the bad parts and will save a new file in the same directory with the old file.

A complete report is generated and displayed after the operation is complete.

Sample report :

Bad Frame Report from DivxRepair
File Name: E:\repair\My avi 1.avi ; Total frames: 781
Total of 79 bad frames found.
Bad frames interval from 569 to 648
Repaired file: E:\repair\My avi 1.avi.REPAIR_OK.AVI
File Name: E:\repair\My avi 2.avi ; Total frames: 2343
Total of 237 bad frames found.
Bad frames interval from 569 to 648
Bad frames interval from 1350 to 1429
Bad frames interval from 2131 to 2210
Repaired file: E:\repair\My avi 2.avi.REPAIR_OK.AVI 

DivXRepair program is based on VirtualDub (version 1.4.2.x)  – mp3 –  VBR

DivXRepair cuts off the bad parts and re-assemble the avi file. (The bad parts of avi are undecodable frames / freezing frames) so its not necessary that your video files will be repaired for granted but it does its job most of the time and you should give it a try as its small (only 425 KB download), free of charge and does not require any installation .

Download: DivXRepair.

For any queries and help related to my tricks and tips or related to computer hardwares/softwares please comment on our Facebook page; I will reply as soon as possible.


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