How to remove annotations from YouTube videos

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Once YouTube was all useful and charming. Its still is, but ads and annotations has made it a bit irritating. Everytime you see a video, you have to watch a 5-10 seconds video in the beginning or an ad popping up from the bottom. Moreover, too many annotations make rest of the video unbearable to watch.

youtube annotations exampleAnnotation example

Just like we block ads from showing up, we can also remove annotations from YouTube videos by permanently disabling it from YouTube settings.

Lets see how,

1. Login to your YouTube account, and click on your username to see a list of options, goto Settings.

permanently disable annotations from youtube videos

2. Click ‘Playback’ and uncheck the ‘Show annotations on videos’ option at the bottom.

This will permanently disable all annotations from YouTube video when you watch it after logging onto your profile.

permanently remove annotations from youtube videos

To check, watch a video that previously had annotations on it. It should now be removed.

Annotations are provided for users to share information about the video and to increase user feedback. But it has been seen that unloaders use annotations either too much or in abusive manner which is not good on the part of viewers. That’s why recently the option to remove annotations from YouTube videos was added.

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