How to promote Facebook fan page

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Facebook fan page is an important door to pull potential customers for your business. No matter if you’re running a website or holding a company Facebook can definitely pump up your revenue. So if you are looking for ways to promote Facebook Fan Page and want to spread the word, the following points would help you out.

  1. Creating a fan page is very easy; the problem is to make people aware about it. With the help of a blog post, you can convince your readers why they should join your fan page and what all benefits they would receive.

  2. If you have a good number of Twitter followers and your content is interesting and appealing, you can persuade them to follow you on Twitter and it can be used as a teaser to promote your Facebook fan page.

  3. Use your Fan page URL as your e-mail signature. This method gives 100% success results because every e-mail you send increases the possibility for others to find about your fan page.

  4. Take advantage of Google adwords to promote fan page by targetting high performing keywords. By using keywords based ads, you are directing your viewers to your fan site.

  5. Put your Facebook fan page link on your Personal Profile page by putting it under the “links” section.

  6. By making guest posts, tag other well-trafficked websites because bloggers love it when people send traffic their way and at times, they do the same in favor which may do wonders for your Fan Page.

  7. YouTube can be an effective way to promote fan page of your company. Effective YouTube videos can add on stars to your marketing strategy. So, make strong and effective YouTube videos and tag your fan page link in them.

  8. Invite all your friends and ask them to like your Fan Page. To get maximum out of your friends ask them to post on your wall and put in comments on the updates.

  9. Use the “Tell your Fans” feature to recommend others about your fan page. This would multiple your fans and thus could help you to promote Facebook fan page of yours.

  10. Add a “like” box and always set the options to include a Face Pile.

  11. Make investment in Facebook ads and it’s not such you will have to make an investment in millions, but some investment can help you target the audience.

  12. Make your fan page URL customizable

  13. Mention the Fan Page link on your business cards and this is one of the best ways to promote your business offline and online.

  14. Persuade all the members in your team to put your fan page in their profile.

  15. Last and certainly least, by putting your fan page link in keynotes give people an easy way to connect with you.

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