How to prevent a program from loading on system startup

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On system startup, you see a number of programs load automatically. These programs can slow down your system’s booting time by large scale, so its important to cut the unwanted programs and keep only the necessary ones on system startup.

You prevent a program from auto-loading using any of these 5 ways,

  1. While installing the program.
  2. Configuring Tools/Properties of the program ( right click > tools/property )
  3. Using System Configuration Utility ( type msconfig and navigate to startup )
  4. System Registry ( type regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run folder )
  5. Start-up folder ( start menu > startup folder )

The best and recommended way

The best way to prevent a program from loading on system startup is when you first install it, but if you’ve missed that opportunity then you can use the System Configuration Utility.

Here is how you should manage startup programs using System Configuration Utility,

  1. Type msconfig in the search bar provided in the start menu.
  2. You’ll see a System Configuration box popping up. Click on the startup tab, here you’ll see a long list of processes. These are processes that loads when your system starts up.
    configure system startup programs from system configuration
  3. Now check programs you want to load on startup and un-check the unwanted ones.

How to decide which program to load

You can expand any information provided in front of the program’s name to know the details. You can also get to know which are the system programs and are other important ones. It recommended to load everything that resides within the C://windows folder, if you’re unsure.

In the above image, I have unchecked Java, Adobe Acrobat and others as I feel they aren’t required on system startup. I don’t need them to be consuming system resources when they aren’t required.

As you can see, Avast is checked as I want the antivirus to be active whenever my system is on. Also, Onlywire is a program that auto-post my blogs to different social networking and bookmarking sites, that’s why its checked in System Configuration Utility.

Similarly, you can choose what to load and what to avoid on system startup.

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