How to post inverted Facebook updates

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We love it when people like our status and comment on it, that’s why we try to post status updates on Facebook that could attract more and more people.

If you’re bored of updating usual kind of status then there is a cool trick to do something new with your Facebook status. You can update a status update which is written upside down. Wouldn’t it be fun?

I have created a simple app the can turn your text upside-down, here is a simple tutorial on how you can do this,

  1. Goto Flipit app.
  2. Now type-in you text in the box on the left hand side. As you type you’ll see the inverted text in the box placed on right. Here is a snapshot,post Facebook update with upside down text
  3. Once done, copy the flipped text and post as your Facebook update (or twitter tweet).
  4. You’ll see the inverted text posted, and lots of likes and comments coming your way. Try it and have fun!
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