How to Make Your Google Accounts More Secure

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A lot of us store valuable information in our Google mail account, and do not take precautions regarding the safety of our passwords. Hacking emails has been a problematic issue ever since the evolution of emails. Accessing Google apps though shared computers also makes the password more vulnerable and there are chances of it being stolen. However, safety of the Google Apps accounts like Gmail can be assured by following certain procedures. Google has its own checklist to help you maintain the safety of your Google mail account

  1. Change Passwords Frequently

    A lot of us maintain the same password for months or even years or since the creation of the account for Gmail sign in. It is best to change your password frequently. This is a very easy procedure, and takes very little time. Changing the password once a month will provide more security to your Google apps account.

  2. Two – Step Verification

    A feature of security, introduced by Google, which very few people know about! This process is considered to be very secure. This feature is optional and needs to be enabled. In the 2 step process the first step for Gmail sign in is to enter your user name and password while the second option is getting a verification code on your phone. The verification code can be an SMS or voice message depending on the user’s preference. Another option is also available regarding verification code, if the user is using a safe computer then the choice of entering the verification code once every 30 days is also available for Gmail sign in. This setting is made in the Account Settings of Google apps account. In account setting under personal setting there is an option called using 2-step verification by clicking on it the user can enable this security feature.

  3. Plug-ins and Third Party

    Certain extensions and plug-ins sometimes store the user name and password while Gmail sign up or Gmail sign in. It is the best to check which extensions and third parties are storing this information. If these plug-ins are not required then you can always remove them. Each browser has extensions or plug-ins stored in the options. It is best to check time to time, which of them are enabled.

  4. Notifying Employees in Business Accounts

    Google and its additional features are widely used in businesses as well. Whether the company is small or large scaled security of the Google apps accounts is still essential. In this case, it is best to notify all employees to follow the safety procedure for Gmail sign in. One can always make this procedure into an essential requirement for all employees to guarantee safety.

  5. Saved Passwords

    Using the save password is widely used, due to the various accounts and passwords that a person has. Those who have a very few or even one Google Mail account also like this feature as you don’t have enter the details again and again for Gmail sign in. However, it is should be ensured that this feature is used in personal computers only. If the password is accidentally saved on other computers then you can always delete them, by going to the browser options and deleting it.

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