How To Download Torrents With Internet Download Manager (IDM)

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Most of the internet surfers and downloaders want a simple and efficient way to download torrent files. Imagine how fast it would be if you can download torrent files directly with IDM. Yes its possible, today I’ll tell you about a simple trick to download torrent/magnet links with IDM.


1. Go to

2. Sign up and create your own account (so that you can visit and use your selected torrents to download whenever you want). Its 100% safe.

3. Login with your own account to

4. Just copy and paste torrent/magnet URL to following field in page.*** (Read below about how to get torrent/magnet URLs)

5. Click “Go free” for using this service as a free user (Max speed 150KBps) or select “Go premium” (Max Speed: Unlimited) if you have a high speed broadband and want to spend some money.

6. When following page appears wait for some time while zbigz caches your file for download.

Click to enlarge


7. When  icon appears infront of your file name just click  icon and your download will start with IDM (or whatever is your default downloader) within a few seconds.


  • Downloading of the cached file from ZbigZ depends on its traffic congestion. If it shows some error code/website or page errors like “Firefox can’t find the file at” then wait for few hours and try again by clicking download icon of your already cached file in your account (This is one of the best advantage of creating your own account in zbigz-you can resume downloads anytime). If not the same day then at least by next day you should be able to download your cached files without above mentioned errors.
  • Using Firefox/Waterfox browser is strongly recommended for all IDM downloads.

Thats it!! now you can enjoy full speed downloads of torrent files without wasting your bandwidth for uploads.

***If you are unable to copy torrent URLs from torrent websites through your web browser then you can follow following steps-

How to get torrent/magnet URLs:

a. Download u torrent (just 859KB).

b. Install u torrent as your default torrent client. Now when you click any torrent/magnet link u torrent start downloading the same.

c. As soon as u torrent takes over the torrent download to its downloads section; pause your u torrent download.

d. Now right click the torrent file in u torrent download window and click ‘copy magnet/torrent URL’ option as shown below.

Click to enlarge

e. Now you can easily continue with step no. 4 mentioned above.

Its just one time effort for 10 minutes and after that whenever you want to download a torrent file it will be very easy for you to download them directly with better speed and bandwidth efficiency.

I am using from last few months and its really awesome. Being a free user you may need to wait some time but mostly your preffered files will be available to download within few hours (depends on seeds and traffic in

Some other websites like also provide torrent download facility but they are not as good as At present is the best website of downloading torrent files directly with your favourite download managers.

For any queries and help related to my tricks and tips or related to computer hardwares/softwares please comment on our Facebook page ;I will reply as soon as possible.

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