How to do content proofing?

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Are you someone who has recently written your first website page and overjoyed. Here is something most important to make your page beautiful. It’s not rocketry rather simple to do content proofing; just few simple steps to follow and your piece of writing will appear like its work of a professional author. Follow these steps and you will proud of your work and your reader will ask you for more.

Keep a paragraph at mid length, neither too lengthy not too short. An ideal length is around 6 to 8 lines. Break bigger paragraph into two, also jumble up is the key, find within a paragraph if everything is in order. Where required jumble up words and phrases. Give your reader smooth reading experience.

Check and Cross Check Facts and Figures. There is no grass in the Sahara Desert, look keenly if you made any such mistake in the flow of writing. Be precise and realistic, be original. A train journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari can not be completed in 8 hours sharp. You can not fly without security check.

Break your piece of writing into multiple headings and sub headings. These should be like a little above average reader should be able to grasp only be seeing upon your headings and sub headings what you are talking about. Going through your piece of writing should be like driving a Limousine on a Paris road and not a truck on highways. Be gentle in explanation, so readers may grasp and learners may follow.

Be good at nursery lessons. All of us learn grammar during school year, except few who specializes in language; make mistakes while writing in grammar. You are not alone. Go through those nursery lessons again. ‘On the Sea’ or ‘At the Sea’ or ‘In the Sea’ Still confused consult some grammar book from library or ask an expert to read and do grammar corrections for you. I am not a grammarian. Are you??

Running Auto Spell Check is great. Do not rely on Auto Spell Check, do a manual check. In case of doubts do not perform auto corrections. I do not doubt the abilities of MS Word Editor or Apple Pages. However, consulting a dictionary is always great.

These are some tips to polish your writing skills. To be a successful writer is a long journey, and you can make yourself one with dedication and right efforts.

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