How To Convert FAT32 TO NTFS File System Without Formatting/Loosing Data

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Often we need to convert file system of our hard disk/external storage devices like pen drives etc. for better compatibility with our OS or softwares. But the herculean problem that arises during conversion of file system in our storage devices is saving the data and converting the file system without formatting the device/drive.

Today I’ll tell you how to convert your storage device/drive file system without loosing any data but before that lets have a look on two popular file systems i.e; NTFS and FAT32 available in current computers.

In general, systems that can support NTFS also support FAT; WinNT, Windows 2000, WinXP, Win Vista, Win 7, and Win 8 support both FAT and NTFS. On the other hand, older versions of Windows only support FAT (Win95, Win98, me).

Security and reliability have made NTFS popular with businesses and large organizations for several years.

NTFS vs FAT16/32 file system:

Now let me tell you some easy steps to convert the file systems without loosing any data from your storage device/drives-


  1. Open Window Explorer and note the drive letter of your choice to convert its file system.
  2. In search bar type CMD and right click on it, Select Run As Administrator.
  3. Type/copy paste “chkdsk H: /f ” (without quotes) and press enter- here H is the drive letter. This checks the drive for any errors and fixes them automatically.
  4. Type/copy paste “Convert H: /FS:NTFS” (without quotes) and press enter.
  5. Wait till system finishes its processing, after some time a message will display on the command prompt box stating Conversion Complete.

Similarly, you can convert NTFS to FAT32 by altering step 4 commands.

I hope these steps will solve your problem of converting file system without loosing any data. For any queries and help related to my tricks and tips or related to computer hardwares/softwares please comment on our Facebook page; I will reply as soon as possible.

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