How to connect Google Analytics account with Webmasters account

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Being a webmaster, you want things to be as simple as possible. Verifying ownership of your website for different Google services is time-taking.

Here is a simple solution wherein you can connect your website’s Analytics account with its webmasters account. Apart from this, there are a few more advantges of the association that we’ll check at the end of this blog.

Steps to connect both accounts

  1. First login to Google Analytics. Make sure you’re using the new version of Google Analytics with orange-colored GUI.
  2. Now goto Analytics proprties. Here you’ll see options for ‘Profile’, ‘Tracking code’ and ‘Web Settings Property’ options. Click ‘Web Settings Property’ to proceed.
  3. Now you’ll see Webmaster Tools Settings at the bottom, click ‘edit’.reach webmaster properties to connect analytics and webmasters account
  4. Select your website and click ‘save’. I use my Google analytics account for 3 websites that’s I’m seeing 3 options website to associate analytics data with webmasters tools
  5. After saving, the webpage reloads and connects your website’s Google Analytics account to its Webmasters account.

Benefit of associating both accounts

  1. No separate verification required for using Webmasters tools.
  2. Detailed analysis of website traffic (vs performance, SEO), with the help of inputs from Webmasters data.
  3. You can see some of your Webmasters data with Analytics reports.
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