How to combine Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

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Most of you might be busy comparing Google+ with Twitter and Facebook and trying to figure out which one is the best to use. However, the good news is that you need not choose one among them. You can use all of them simultaneously. If you are thinking managing so many different accounts is painstaking. Relax! I present you with a number of amazing social tools by using which you can combine all of these social networks together and have the best of all worlds.

Method 1: G++

One of these tools is G++, a browser extension for Chrome (and Firefox) which will help you put your Facebook and Twitter stream into your Google+ interface.

Just go to Chrome extension page and add G++ to your browser and start enjoying the versatility of the social world.

Most of you have put time and effort into building your Facebook universe, so most you might reject the thought of switching to another social network and rebuilding your social presence from the scratch. Keeping and updating two social networks simultaneously might also be a tedious effort for some. With G++, you don’t have to make the choice. You can enjoy all of them instead.

Method 2:Rob McGee

Rob McGee can help you to share your Google Plus updates with Facebook or Twitter or To use Rob McGee, use the steps given:

  • Open and sign in with your existing Facebook or Twitter or IDs (whichever is desired to be synchronized with G+). After signing in, you’ll be provided with an authentication string.
  • Log in to Google Plus. AddRob McGee in your circles. Now, post your authentication string you just received on Google Plus and share it with Rob McGee only (this is required to activate the synchronization).

Method 3: Start Google Plus

Start Google Plus is a Google Chrome browser extension specifically developed to synchronize Google Plus with Facebook or Twitter or Download and Install the add-on your Chrome browser and sign in to your Google Plus account. You’ll see some changes like GMail icon on the left and some integrated options in the settings drop down menu in the right, which you can modify according to your need.
Using these extensions can surely simplify keeping track of your social life. We can hope and wait for another extension that can allow combining LinkedIn as well!

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