How to collect correct information for a blog

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Internet host blogs virtually on each and every niche. These blogs mostly contain genuine and correct information but some naughty bloggers pour-in some wrong ones too. Including in-correct information in the blogs can make it crispy and entertaining but does no good in website popularity and reliability graph.

Why bloggers write in-correct blogs?

This question is a bit tricky to answer as there are bloggers who deliberately write wrong information just to give readers something new and interesting to read, and appear good in search engine results; search engines like fresh information no matter if it’s true or false.On the other hand many bloggers unknowingly include incorrect information either due to wrong source or limited knowledge on that particular subject. A sports editor can’t write technical blogs of high quality and could easily replace Steve Jobs with Steve’s Job that could turn entire blog on its head. Crispy and wrong information can bring visitors to a site but only a good, informative and correct content can retain them.

Okay then! how to collect correct data for my blog ?

Finding the correct information for a blog is a bit tedious task as you need to analyse data from different sources – websites, files – pdf, ppt and images as well. There are 3 very simple and effective ways to generate genuine data for a blog,

  1. Collect data from reputable sites rather than lesser famous ones. Understand a simple equation – reputable sites carry out a thorough reseach before posting a blog as they are serving millions rather than a few thousand readers.
  2. The other way to simplify the task is by making a pool of reliable websites who host correct content. You can search to find relevant information to include in your blog.
  3. The best way is to refer wikipedia to verify if the core idea of your blog is correct or not. Wikipedia has the most genuine and latest information/stats closely monitored by thousands of editors worldwide.
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