How to choose the right color for website ads

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Right food is one that doesn’t run your stomach. Similarly, right color for website ads is one that improves website CTR. If you’re making huge with orange and reds then stick to it or if you’re happy with black and blues then live with it. Google however states that smooth and light colored ads outperform the darker ones. This is somewhat very true, lets first check some guidelines laid for users to choose the right color for website ads,

Example of a perfect website ad

  1. Color of ad’s text and link should appear good with website design. Choose color a bit darker or lighter than the website color as they doesn’t deteriorates the appearance of website.
  2. Color of text in ads should match the website text. However you can slightly make it lighter or darker. Black is the default, and the best color for ads placed within content. Keep title color similar to hyperlink.
  3. Avoid using contrasting color for website ads to highlight and get clicks. You can opt for smoother navy blue, grey and brown colors.
  4. Text and link colors should be readable. Choose colors easily readable to human, avoid orange, khaki and similar colors.
  5. Don’t invent new colors. Simpler is better.

Publishers usually have a perception that a sharp, contrasting color would grab more eyeballs than tasteless grey and navy blues. On the contrary, it has been found that simple colors outperform the eye catchy oranges and reds. Lets check by an example,

Here is an eye catchy ad in orange, A


Now here is a simple color for website ad, B

right color for website ads

Most of you might think a visitor would click on first one but that’s wrong, second one would get more clicks. REASON? Though we have no defined rules for analyzing website CTR but we can understand it with a real world example.

If you watch a common man giving a speech then you’ll listen and note what he is saying but if a politician does the same you’ll not consider his words because you can smell his political ploy in it. Similarly, if a publisher tries to force a visitor to click on the ad he will certainly sway away from it. One shouldn’t annoy visitors by highlighting unnecessary ads rather than the blog/service that he is actually looking for.

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