How to block emails from a specific email id in Gmail

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Gmail’s automated system identifies most spams and keeps it away from your inbox. But sometimes, a few sneak past the Gmail filter and reach your inbox. These includes promotional emails, Facebook notifications and others.

You can block such emails directly by creating filters.

Creating filters in Gmail allow you to block email from a particular email-id(s). This prevents you from blocking some annoying user who harass you by sending inappropriate messages.

Here are the steps for creating a filter to block email(s) from particular email-ids,

  1. Login to Gmail and click ‘create filter’ link at the top.

    create filter to block emails from a specific email id

  2. You’ll see a form. Enter the email id from which you want to block emails in the ‘from’ field. Enter your own email in the field below it, against ‘to’.

    enter email id to filter emails in gmail

  3. Click ‘Next Step’. Now you have to choose desired action for the filtered emails. To delete the filtered emails, check ‘delete it’.

    Click ‘Create filter’ and your filter is created.

    delete all filtered emails

  4. From now onward all mails coming from the specified email will be deleted. Thus, you’ll never see emails from the sender ever again.

    gmail filter created

  5. You can set separate filters from other email ids as well.
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