How to Bid for Facebook Ads: Internet Marketing Strategy

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Now that Facebook is the most famous sensation on the internet, advertisers are trying their utter best to post ads on Facebook. The problem is, due to the immense popularity of Facebook getting an ad posted on it is expensive and not easy.

Strategies Applied by Facebook

Facebook may have started as a platform to help people socialize; it is no doubt still a business. Mark Zuckerberg’s company understands the potential this social networking site has and is definitely capitalizing on the business aspect as well. One major way they have made 2 billion dollars is by displaying ads on the personal profiles of its users. However, Facebook also understands that the socializing experience should not be affected by it and have countered this by displaying minimum ads to the 750 million users and capitalizing by charging a hefty price per ad click.

The strategy of Facebook is quite simple and highly effective. The companies that offer the most price per ad click are chosen and their ads are displayed on the profiles. Hence, there is bidding amongst various companies on who will pay the most price per click. This may seem very expensive, but there are certain techniques that can be applied to settle on relatively lesser price.

Analysis of Bid Variations

AdParlor, an organization that manages the data of the bidding of ads on Facebook, analyzes the price fluctuations of the bids throughout the year. This Ads API service manages nearly 15 billion ads per month, and has successfully done so by analyzing and planning the bids. According to this service, throughout the year there are certain periods when the bid prices are at peaks. For example, the period when children go back to school is one of the peak times when the price per ad click is maximum. Hence, if a company wants to target the same demographic then they can avoid the high prices by bidding slightly before school starts.


Bidding of ads on Facebook depends mostly on the demographic being targeted and analysis of the variations of the bid prices during holidays or major events. To avoid bidding at high prices it is suggested to anticipate the rise and fall of the prices and act accordingly.

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