How to avoid performance problems in Computer

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Similar to our body, computer performance goes down with time. It may be due to sudden fault or gradual wear and tear of parts. To minimize problems in a computing device we need to have a basic understanding of hows and whys of computer problems and ways to deal with it. Most problems can be avoided with a little care. Regular computer checkup can keep a lot of problems away just like flowers and gifts keeps a man safe from women-related problems.

So before further due lets check some of the most problematic stuff that can pull your system performance down.

  1. Viruses and malicious softwares are non-prolific for your system and must be avoided to reduce performance problems in your computer. Keeping antivirus and firewall on and updated can bring much resistance against such threats.
  2. To prevent wear and tear of system avoid using heavy programs like Games, Photoshop, Visual Studio etc if your system’s RAM is low. They may result in slower performance, damage to RAM and processor.
  3. Avoid downloading untrusted third party softwares. If you’re getting an installation CD from trusted hardware/software vendor, be selective and careful about whatever extra they offer for downloading. Make sure that the software you install is right for your operating system. This is especially important if you’re running Windows Vista as many companies haven’t updated their softwares to work with Vista.
  4. Heat can be the worst enemy of your system’s hardware. Don’t let your computer fans to be blocked and never put a computing device like laptops on your body. Be careful with liquids and food around the computer.
  5. Backup your computer data regularly and as frequently as possible. This ensures that you can recover any data lost through failure in hardware.
  6. Follow the provided manuals and installation guide while installing softwares in computer. Software programs can entangle with the system files to cause problems in your system.
  7. Hardware with moving parts are prone to failures than static ones. Parts like fan, DVD drive, lid etc need more care. Keep dust away and don’t touch the internal parts with bare hands.
  8. Avoid peeking into kinky websites. They are the storehouse of bots and malicious codes that can seriously hurt your system to endanger your private data.
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