How School and Colleges can benefit from Social Networking

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Social networking sites are very popular at workplaces, universities and high schools. Apart from connecting to our mates they help us grow, personally as well as professionally. Schools and higher educational institutes can also leverage the social media to their advantage.

Social media can be used to inform students regarding the various programs and happenings in institutes. Schools can also arrange web casts on various programs since arranging them in the real world can be a logistical nightmare. Professional networking site like LinkedIn need a special mention. It provides an opportunity for professionals to connect and communicate with people working in specific fields of interest.

Benefits of Social Networking in Schools and Colleges

  1. Alternate to Notice Board and Circulars

    Colleges can use social media as a notice board, or a circular to keep students updated of the recent activities and itinerary. They can also be used to circulate notes and thus helping students by providing out-of-class studies. It’s a far better option than a traditional notice board.

  2. 24 x 7 availability

    College students like to do work during night, be it’s some sort of kinky kinda stuff or serious studies. For resolving a query they can’t go to their friend’s home at 12 midnight, but they can go to Facebook and contact their mate to get doubts clarified.

  3. Opportunity for Innovative Ideas and Jobs

    Looking for internship or summer training? Go to LinkedIn, post your status and you should get at least 2-3 offers every day. Post your idea and innovations to social networking sites and get recognized by people across the globe. Besides this, you can look for part time jobs on social networking sites. They are a full of opportunities; just go and grab it!

  4. Information sharing between Teachers and Students

    Lectures can be uploaded regularly so that students can check it whenever required. Doubt sessions could continue through comments and posts. Reviews and suggestions from knowledgeable people across the globe can help youth to grow and improve.

  5. Healthy Interactive Discussions

    Suppose you have an innovative idea, you can post it on Facebook and ask for recommendations. People will share their views on your idea; both +ve and –ve. It can help you to determine the potential of your notion.

    Discussions are always useful; they help you get suggestions and find tweaks. Such sites can provide you an opportunity to discuss with eminent personalities across the world. Healthy conversation will help you recognize yourself amid best in the business.

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