How safe is online shopping in India?

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Scared of online transactions? If yes, then you aren’t old-school rather you aren’t assured of the security that an online transaction processing system provides. In fact, online bill payments are very safe and have no/very minimal possibility of outfoxing. We’ll describe more on this a bit later. First, lets see how online shopping and bill payments have become a integral part of our daily life.

online shopping is much safer now

Not so long ago, there was time when shops were the only goto place for buying things. Now things have changed, we’ve online shopping stores that allow instant purchase of commodities 24×7. Not only this, mobile recharge has become a possibility even at nights when shops are off-service. Online shopping has now slowly transformed into a trend, luring more and more customers towards it. They are simple, have easy GUI, provides instantaneous delivery of products. And, the best part is the price they charge, which are usually lower than market price.

Its great, then should we do online shopping in India, are they safe, do they provide enough security. Answer to such questions inevitably goes as ‘Yes’ from my side but most customers aren’t comfortable in buying products online. They find online transactions, that we do while purchasing things online, risky and feel they can lead to severe consequences if account details are somehow leaked or stolen. This is a genuine concern as nobody wants to lose his pocket within a chink. So, we’re bringing you a complete journey of an online transaction and know if they are really unsafe and should be avoided.

Indeed, there is no better option than going to a shop manually and purchasing an item. It allows you to check it carefully and make queries. Also, peer to peer transaction is the safest way. But when you’re in Delhi and want a purchase from Mumbai, or want something in night (say, online recharge) then online shops are the ultimate destination.

User payment details while doing online transactions aren’t visible to anybody except the concern bank. Be it a credit card, debit card, or a netbanking payment, each and every detail is hidden. Moreover, all data exchanged between your computer and the merchant’s website is all encrypted. You must have seen https rather than normal http in such website. This provides additional security against man-in-the-middle attack. Even if someone steals user detail then it’ll be impossible for him to read as its all encrypted.

Completely safe transaction with https

Also, the online shop from where you’re purchasing the item never sees any data of yours. In a way, it’s impossible, and illegal as well.

Moreover, online transactions are atomic in nature. Atomicity means, only if a transaction is successful, money would be deducted from bank account otherwise not. Its basically ‘everything or nothing’ process.

Hopefully these points clear confusion of netizens that linger in their mind while buying products online. Let’s revise the entire thing again.

  1. User provides his bank details while transaction. This detail is not visible to anyone, not even to the online store you’re dealing with.
  2. If someone steals data while its transferring online then the attacker could only see encrypted data which is impossible to crack.
  3. Online transactions are atomic. If money is deducted, transaction would be successful. If transaction is unsuccessful, no money will not be debited.

Like any other system, online transactions might have some problems, like transaction success but item not purchased, but its on the part of the online shopping store you’re dealing with.

Online transactions are completely safe but make sure your buying products from reputed website that uses an authentic payment gateway.

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