How proxy server can get your private details

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Proxy Server is a server which acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. They are installed in colleges and offices to control and keep track of user activities, primarily to check if they are using social networking or involved in any questionable activities over internet.

Server administrator can see the data-flow that includes your login, chat and other private details hovering around social media sites and email accounts.

proxy server can get your private details

Proxy server can see all user private data

Proxies can be hence used to eavesdrop upon the data-flow between client machines and the web. Herein all contents sent or accessed including username, passwords and cookies used can be captured and analyzed by the proxy operator. And one shouldn’t be a genius to know that this could result in your email and social networking account hacking. This might seems a bit unrealistic but its true, and can be fatal to your account existence.

Losing an email account that you had been using for many years is enough to take your breath away. Though you don’t expect such things from a responsible authority but hacking is something that doesn’t give you a second chance, an account gone is seldom recovered no matter what you try. Such cases aren’t rare, often happen in colleges and institutes and sometimes result in police cases.

As a precautionary measure you can do certain thing to keep your private details intact. You can stop using social networking sites at places where data is filtered using proxy servers and are a bit non-reliable – cyber cafes. Though institutes and offices also vigil the flowing data but they are reliable as they are responsible bodies.

To sneak past proxy servers at offices and colleges most people use proxy sites to quench the thirst for social networking. Such sites are unreliable and could easily throw you out of your account to leave you in revere. You must not use any proxy sites to open reach your private details be it your email or social networking account.

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