How ads slow down website loading speed

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You have seen website ads begging for your attention, some are useful while some appear non-relevant and bizarre with the webpage design. Ads are the biggest source of income for website owners. Despite being a fuel for online existence of websites, ads hugely contribute in slowing down the website loading speed.

You came across websites that load partially and then stop responding, this happens when the ad server becomes unresponsive, or bottlenecked.

Website loading time depends on the number of HTTP connections and the data downloaded from a web server to user’s browser. Greater the number of HTTP connections, slower the website loads. The same equation is with the size of data transferred.

With ads hanging on the website we areĀ  loading data by creating more HTTP Connection to web server(s) which results in slow website loading speed.

Since we can’t avoid using ads so its important to find a way to prevent website from loading slow. The simplest way is to move all JavaScript files present in ad code to the footer section of webpage. This ensures all webpage content load before ads. And in case, the ad server stops responding your content is still displayed to the visitor. The other remedy is to limit the number of ads, you can add up to 3 Google ads on a webpage but its better to limit up to 2. This might not go down good with some publishers but these would make loading speed of website faster and less problematic.

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