History of cloud computing

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Cloud computing has come a long way since it was first tagged as a future prospect by some researchers. The initial history of cloud computing takes us to late twenty century when delivering computing services first started. Then a new concept of showing the entire relevant computer network was forwarded by J.C.R Licklider and John McCarthy. Though they didn’t coined the idea as cloud computing but it created a base for cloud services. They wanted to interconnect all the data and programs through any site/network that can be accessed and managed from anywhere in the world, and also explained how this notion should be used and delivered as public utilities.

Salesforce, 1999

salesforce first used cloud computing  based services

Salesforce first started cloud computing based services

The great idea remained in history pages util it was put in application by Salesforce.com. In 1999, Salesforce.com used a simple website to deliver its enterprise applications to users. Then these applications were delivered over the internet to both mainstream and specialist software that got huge benefits and advantages from these services. Taking an inspiration from this more and more companies shifted their data to cloud servers, but the rate of acceptance was a bit unsatisfactory.

Amazon, 2002

amazon web services is based on cloud computing

Amazon, next big cloud based service provider

The history of cloud computing saw competition only when Amazon started its cloud-based Amazon Web services during 2002 via the Amazon Mechanical Turk, which included human intelligence, computation and storage etc. But, individuals and small companies were not able to take advantages from these applications and Elastic Compute Cloud was launched by Amazon in 2006. This service was completely commercial and anybody can use it as web service. When this service got publicity people started to rent computer because they were able to operate different computer applications. Today sites like Foursquare, HuffingtonPost are hosted on Amazon’s cloud server.

Microsoft, 2008

microsoft-cloud-computing with azure platform

Microsoft cloud computing with azure platform

How Microsoft could stand watching other companies making long chain of small enterprises and individuals! On October 27, 2008 it prepared to compete with other competitors in cloud computing promotion through Azure Services Platform. Microsoft data centers were established to scale, host and build web applications through the Windows Azure Platform, which made history for Microsoft cloud computing services, which were appreciated on large scale.

Google, 2009

cloud computing in gmail

Cloud computing in gmail

In 2009, another milestone in the history of cloud computing came when Google plunged into the market to provide enterprises applications based on the browser. Google services like Gmail have text editor, presentations, pdf reader and others to create, read and save files online. Google Apps are entirely based on cloud computing structure. The Google Chrome browser saves all its data to remote cloud server than user computer.

Apple iCloud, 2011


Apple icloud service for iphone and ipad users

Apple does not like to leave any opportunity; so how it can leg behind. One thing – I like about Apple – is it always tries to adapt itself to the market. When Apple launched its cloud computing services in 2000 it branded it as iTools which was later changed as Mac. But, in 2008 it was turned out to be known as MobileMe. If you look for its cloud computing platform you will come to know that it is known as iCloud, which is a cloud computing service and cloud storage.

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