Have A Look On Facebook Security Threats!

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I am sure that you all must have very familiar with the Facebook as it is highly renowned social site of this time. Thus, there are many things which require great security and protection. Somehow this is not provided by Facebook though. Thus, there are many Facebook security threats in this regard. One should know them exactly to have good advantages of it.

Clickjacking is a part of these security threats which consists of Facebook. It is about some definite harmful websites that involve some codes in it. These codes can affect your browser to take up action and that too without your consent about it. Thus, just with a clink over the link on these sites, you must be caught in the impact of the websites and the website will be posted over your profile. This is clickjacking. And I am sure many users have must encountered with it.

Koobface is another facebook security threat and is often come in contact of users as well. Might be possible that you are not really familiar with the word, but surely the influence must recognize by you. Basically, it is a computer worm and it focuses Facebook or any other social sites. It shows its influence by sending messages or spreading wall posts by people who are into its influence. Thus we can say it is like a plague which spreads up from one to another. Thus, it also a major Facebook threat of this time and users need to be aware about it.

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