Guidelines to choose cover image for timeline profile of Facebook page

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Facebook timeline for page allows a brand to cut it’s life into pieces and mark them on Facebook for its audience to see. It also allows adding of cover image to reflect it’s identity.

Adding cover image requires careful consideration as a brand might land up in problems if it fails to abide by Facebook terms and conditions.

Here are some things that should be kept in mind while designing cover image for a page,

  1. Never use an image that violates copyright of any firm or individual. This means, you can’t use image that is work of someone else. Images containing company logo, images developed by some artist should be avoided.
  2. Cover image shouldn’t include any text data. Though some add text content and they’re working fine but Facebook discourages use of texts in timeline as you unknowingly might violate any terms.
  3. If using text in cover image then it must not contain information related to price or purchase, such as “80% off” or “Download it at xyz website” or “Like us to know more” or anything similar.
  4. Moreover it must not hold information like Contact address, phone number, email, mailing address or anything to help a brand.
  5. Absolutely nothing with marketing purpose. The cover image must not hold anything that promotes a brand or service. Also, references to user service elements such as share or like or anything similar is strictly prohibited.
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