Google, Facebook can provide your details to FBI and Pentagon

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What’s the first thing you do after waking up? Most people would go for washroom while many goes directly to the check updates on their social networking account. Checking these sites has become a daily routine for most of us. So it shouldn’t amuse you to know that Google and Facebook can pass your details to FBI and Pentagon whenever they required and that too without your consent. Be it’s a Blogger, Orkut, Adsense or Adwords account, Google can get your information in one way or the other. Facebook has some 700million users and it can possesses more than basic information of it’s users. Moreover, emails and comments exchanged in Gmail and social networking sites like Orkut, Twitter, Facebook speak a lot about persons and it provides a backdoor for FBI to get users details who is under the scanner (suspect).

Since 1981, FBI has forced the Internet Service Providers to give all the relevant details about the mails received and sent by a particular suspect. Internet security is hampered as the messages or emails sent by users may be read by FBI and not the intended person alone.

If national security is at stake, then these kinds of practices are acceptable but Facebook users details and Google users details are being used by FBI to counter anti-war movements, protests against the United States government. This act can be said to be an attack staged at curbing free speech at a democratic country like United States.

Though US government denies, but it’s fact that it uses these IT giants for it’s spying purposes against other countries.

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