What is Google drive, features, pricing and more

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Google launched a new service called Google drive. Its much like Dropbox that allows you to share files – images, videos, documents and more with your buddies. Just drag and upload them to your Google drive account and access it from anywhere in the world, share with all or selected friends.

Share movies, softwares, presentations and everything that you can’t do through emails.

Google Drive features

Google-Drive by Google

  1. Create documents, files, spreadsheets and presentations. Its has Google Docs support.
  2. All images, videos uploaded on Google Drive are available on Google Plus. You can also hide them if you want.
  3. Upload videos and images to your Google drive account and send the link to your buddies to share.
  4. Provides powerful image search. It provides improved results categorizing images by files-types, owner and more.
  5. You can open more than 30 file types in a single Google drive window – HD video, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop files even if you don’t have the supporting program installed in your computer.
  6. Use variety of apps like HelloFax to do different things with your Google drive files.
  7. Upload files and share it with selected friends. You can also keep it private f you want. Google drive provides full control over the uploaded data and how you want to share it.
  8. You can open discussions on shared files – presentations, documents in real time with your friends.

Google drive has lots more in offering, just visit the website to check Google drive features in detail.

Pricing of Google Drive

Initially a 5Gb free space is provided to every Google user. However, more space can be purchased. Here is the expected monthly pricing of Google drive beyond 5Gb mark,

  • 25 GB: $2.49
  • 100 GB: $4.99
  • 200 GB: $9.99
  • 400 GB: $19.99
  • 1 TB: $49.99
  • 2 TB: $99.99
  • 4 TB: $199.99
  • 8 TB: $399.99
  • 16 TB: $799.99

Its officially been released but users can’t access it instantly. They have to first apply for it.

Among the Google competitors in the market, we have DropBox, SugarSync, Mozy’s Stash, Apple’s iCloud, Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Yandex, and Microsoft’s SkyDrive. But Google Drive is expected to be stronger just because it collaborates its other services like Google Docs, Picasa, Gmail and Google Plus with it.

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