Google Chrome Could Beat Firefox by Year-End

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The popularity of Google Chrome has been increasing with less people using Mozilla Firefox. During the month of January it was found that the browser share of Chrome has increased by 1 percent while in case of Firefox there has been a demotion of 0.4%. This means that there are more users of Google Chrome as compared to Firefox. According to the statement made by Computerworld’s Gregg Keizer it is sure that the increasing growth of Google Chrome will surely make it the most used browser leaving all the other behind.

But Internet Explorer is really doing well with the browser share of about 41.89% which is very high mainly because of Windows OS. Though it is very commonly used but its rate is falling and there are chances that its position can be taken by Google Chrome whose popularity is on hype. The news says that during the year 2012 Chrome will be able to surpass Firefox and take its position which is a good sign. According to Netapplications’ metrics also it is sure that Chrome will take the place of Firefox.  Since May there has been a sharp increase in the share of Chrome.

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