Google and beer, cheers!

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Google, the search giant is making its eminent presence in the beverage industry and as a part of this venture the company has signed partnership with Dogfish Head Brewery. Dogfish Head is a top craft brewery which specializes in the kickass beer.

The team is making Belgian Dubble Beer ‘’URKontinent’’ that has flavour from 5 various countries incorporated in it. The Google workforce as a part of the Beer make is engaged in information gathering and delivering the relevant ideas to the brewers of the brewery for Beer development.

Google moderator tool is extensively used as a part of the information gathering process by project coordinators to obtain feedbacks and suggestions from Googlers across the globe.

Google Spokesperson said to WebProNews that, “The partnership deal started with Dogfish Head Brewery is a Googler-driven venture that is controlled by a team of craftbrewery aficionados in the company’’.

As per the details obtained from a mini-documentary it was confirmed that some Google guys even carried out beer brewing.

Beer maker’s Website quoted that the URKontinent beer is double the times stronger than the Belgian single and is less likely to be a great tasting drink. The Beer ingredients comprises of Belgian Dark Candy Syrup, Chocolate Malts, Myrica Gale, Toasted amaranth, Green Rooibos and Hive Plex Honey.

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