Google AdSense Application to have Two Step Review Process

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How many times has your Google AdSense application has been rejected? Perhaps, many a times before you finally give up applying for the new AdSense account. There have been many reasons of declining the AdSense application of the publishers; however, rarely anybody knows why the application gets rejected.

Existing AdSense Policies

As per the existing AdSense guidelines for publishers, they are not supposed to give the reason for why a application is rejected. However, with the new review process, Google is expected to reduce these kind of abuses and also planning to fine tune the quality of AdSense ads on websites.

New Two Step Review Process

According to Max Cohen, AdSense Product manager, Google is evaluating the AdSense application process to make sure that it provides safest possible network for the advertisers and also provides best experience for the publishers.

The new process of application evaluation is expected to improve two different review steps.

Step 1

In the first step, the publishers complete the registration formalities on Google AdSense website, which is then verified by the Google staff. After verifying the application is as per the required guidelines, Google would provide access to the publishers to their account where they can create ad code.

Step 2

The second level of the two step review process starts after the ad code is placed on the website. When the ad code is placed on the website, before the account is reviewed, temporary blank ads are started to be shown on the websites. These ads are blend with the background color of the websites, hence, it hardly make any appearance to the visitors of the websites. Per Google, it will take a week for the live advertisements to be shown on the websites.

This would happen only when the account and the ad placement is reviewed and approved by Google. The major loophole in this is that it would benefit the publishers who would initially place the ad code in the websites which is compliant with Google’s AdSense policies, and post approval; it places ad code on non-compliant websites.

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