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Google quitely slipped-in its new search service called ‘What do you love’ or simply ‘WDYL’.

Wdyl is a search engine just like Google, but here the search results are collected not from different websites across the web but only from the Google services. For a searched query, there would only be individual results from Google Maps, Images, Groups, YouTube, Google News, Blogs, Trends and many others.

wdyl or what do you love by google

This service can be seen a search engine to search within Google service. Though, its not highly famous but is interesting one to try out.

So if you’ll search for Suresh Raina then you’ll be getting something like this,

wdyl search results

click to expand

You can also directly search things by entering the url as

So for searching Suresh Raina, search query would be, and for facebook, it’ll beĀ

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