Get metro style apps from Windows 8 apps store

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Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS is just 2 months away from its market appearance but its developers version is available for use. While I was strolling through it, I saw some significant performance improvements in Windows 8 when compared to its predecessors.

One great addition in Windows 8 is the metro style apps.

Get metro style apps from Windows 8 apps store

With Metro style apps in Windows 8, more functionality can be added to a PC just like Facebook gets more interesting with apps and games. The Windows 8 apps are based on HTML5 and are all hosted on Windows App store. Furthermore, they’ll all be connected together with remote cloud storage so that data can be exchanged seamlessly between PCs and mobile devices.

For these apps, Microsoft has developed an API called WinRT with separate categories for “Communication and data”, “Graphics and Media” and “Devices and Printing”. Metro apps can be developed either in HTML5/JavaScript, C/C++, Visual Basic and XAML.

With the latest operating system, Microsoft is intended to produce a new interface that’s similar to the tile based system in its Windows Phone 7 OS for smartphones. This development easily goes down as the biggest change in user interface in the history of personal computing.

Recently, Microsoft revealed more about its Windows 8 apps. In the blog, they detailed the way to design metro apps, the notion behind its development, GUI for apps, and how they’ll be downloaded, installation and updated.

Apps for windows 8 would be created by developers from across the globe. Some would be available for download for free while some need to be purchased from developer’s website paying some amount through PayPal. Microsoft would also provide some apps for free with fresh installation of Windows 8.

Lately, Microsoft has been holding contests to encourage developers to create apps for Windows 8 OS. Some apps are ready and they might come with Windows OS as freeware.

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