Get link to HD version of a YouTube video

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You can like a YouTube video so dearly that you might want to view it in high quality .

Viewing HD version of YouTube videos just need switch of media player settings from ‘auto’ to 780px/1024px HD. This is how its done,

watch HQ version of YouTube video

But its a bit tricky when you want link to HD version of a YouTube video.

You can post HD quality YouTube video to social media sites, Facebook and Twitter, only when you have their HD link.

Steps to get link to HD version

  1. Click ‘Share’ button below the video. You’ll see a shortlink that’s used to share videos across social media sites.
  2. Below the shortlink there is an ‘Options’ link. Click it, and check ‘HD link’.

    get hd link to HD quality of YouTube video

  3. The shortlink would now hold the link to the HD version of YouTube video. Share this link with friends and let them see the video in high quality.
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