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Life would appear more sweet if you could get food, clothes, office and everything else around your bed. Unfortunately, in the world of microprocessors this isn’t possible till now. However, you can have your daily dope of news and updates directly to your email account.

Google alerts is a service by which Google sends you updates from virtually anything you want. Need updates from celebrity gossips? subscribe it and you’ll start getting news and updates directly to your email account. No matter if you’re using gmail, yahoo, Hotmail or any email account you can subscribe to Google alerts. Moreover, you can fine tune the type and volume of updates you receive per day.

Here is the stepwise instructions on how to add Google alerts and start receiving email updates from Google directly to your email account,

  1. Go to Google alerts and enter the topic you want to subscribe. You can subscribe to news and updates of any firm, job, celebrity, website, term or anything else. While you enter the topic name, Google shows the preview of the latest updates related to the topic.
  2. Now enter the type of updates you want – news, blogs, videos or discussions. Most people subscribe to the news however you can opt for others types as well. Recommended: News/Blogs as per need.
  3. Then select the frequency of updates you want. If you want the updates to be emailed as it happens then select ‘as-it-happens’, or select ‘once in a day’ or week. Recommended: Once in a day/week per requirement.
  4. You can further customize the Google alert settings by choosing the number of updates you want from Google. You can get the best results or all updates related to it. Recommended: only the best results.
  5. Now enter email and click create alert.
  6. A notification would be sent to your email account, clickĀ  to verification link and get start receiving email updates from Google.
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