How to improve quality of Facebook cover image

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Facebook allows you to add cover image on your timeline profile. But more often that image is compressed to low quality by Facebook making it to look a bit weird.

You definitely didn’t like this.

Just follow these 3 points while designing cover image for your profile,

  1. Your uploaded image must be of exactly 851 x 315px size. If it gets bigger than this, it’ll appear more or less blurred.
  2. The image size must be less than 100kb. If it goes above it, Facebook compress it and hence the quality deteriorates. Its upto you to develop high quality image below 100kb.
  3. Next and the most important point is that the image must be in JPEG/JPG format.The PNG format might give you the best quality but you can get high quality JPEG image using Photoshop or other image editing software. When image of any other format is uploaded, it’ll be automatically converted to JPEG and hence there is loss of quality.

Follow these steps carefully and you’ll get one high quality Facebook cover image like this

Deterioration doesn’t occurs when people put high resolution images but the problem arises when the image resolution isn’t that high, or when someone creates an innovative cover image by himself.

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